The Eight Benefits of Live Chat

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If you have an online business, you must always consider the quality of your customer service because it’s the ultimate factor that determines whether your customers trust your services or not. You can only achieve this if you’re going to use an appropriate tool for your website.

live chat serviceThere are a lot of ways customers can reach your company. They can use telephone calls, e-mail, and fax machine. However, these tools have been proven to be ineffective for a lot of customers because it always takes time before an agent can answer their inquiries. This eventually leads to frustrated and angry customers. But with the introduction of the live chat service, it is now easy to answer and handle customer inquiries.

Live chat is software that provides a platform for customers to post their questions and feedback about the services and products of your business. Other than that, live chat comes with eight more benefits that will increase your sales. Here are the eight benefits of live chat:

1. Instant Customers

With live chat, you can easily convert web visitors into potential customers by inviting them to chat with your staff to assist them. You can easily offer visitors your services if you can communicate with them immediately. It also serves as a platform for you to strengthen your sales relationship with your customers and to give them a good experience during their transactions.

If you have a good customer service, there’s a probability that your customers will refer you to their friends and family relatives.

2. Make Your Brand Stand Out

Most live chat services give their clients the opportunity to customize the style and color of the chat window. If your customer service is integrated with the features of your brand, it will make your website look professional to customers.

3. Allows Multitasking

Live chat allows you to open multiple chat windows at the same time, so you can respond to different customer inquiries. With this feature, you’ll never miss a sale. Customers are more likely to buy a product if their questions are answered in 5 minutes.

4. Real-time

With the real-time feature of live chat, you can answer any inquires at any time and place. A company that offers a 24/7 chat support to customers has a high chance of being a top-notch company because they can immediately respond to the concerns of their customers.

5. Creates a lasting impression

Inviting your visitors to chat with your agent creates an impression that your business pays attention to their customers. It also creates a positive opinion to your customer service.

6. Free Trial

You don’t have to sign up immediately to get a live chat system for your business. Live chat services offer their customers a free trial for a month to test the service. After that duration, you’ll be able to notice that there’s a sudden increase in the sales of your business. But if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

7. Statistics

With live chat, you can view the statistical data of your transactions. From these transactions, you can view your customers IP address, and internet service provider. The information that you’ll get from the data can be used to improve your sales approach.

8. Instant Feedback

Live chat allows their customers to post their feedback about your services. Using this feature, you can determine the things that customers want in your services and the things that they don’t like.

Apex Chat is a Live Chat company that provides live chat service and software.

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February 21st, 2014 at 7:33 am

Aspects to Mull Over When Buying an Ice Cream Machine

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Are you pondering whether or not to purchase a new ice cream machine? If yes, purchasing a machine could help save on considerable costs in the long haul. For those mindful of their health, you can now decide which ingredients make up your desert, and eat it with no guilt whatsoever. There are myriad reasons why buying an ice cream machine is advantageous. Nevertheless, prior to buying a new unit, make sure you have made the right choice based on your needs.

Price is one of the important factors to consider when buying an ice cream maker. Machines vary to a great extent in terms of price. When considering the price of a machine, you need to first think about your objective of buying this machine. Are you going to be using it occasionally or for daily activities? If it’s for occasional purposes, it is better to go for a less expensive one. On the other hand, if you are set to use the machine on a daily basis, parting with a bit more cash to purchase a fully-automated unit is worth every penny.

Ice cream machines are classified into two categories, manual and electric. With manual machines, you have to stir the base on your own all through the freezing procedure. On the other hand, electric machines feature a motor that performs the stirring on your behalf. They are definitely stress-free and time mindful.

Some machines produce very loud sounds. You do not want to buy a machine that disturbs your peace leading to frustration. If your hate noise, you would better opt for a manual machine or an advanced electric machine as they present your better options.

Aspects like the speed of churning and the technique of icing the base can also contribute to the quality of the ice cream made. Choose an ice cream machine that has the capacity to produce high quality desert. Apart from producing ice cream, you would want also your machine to be able to produce other frozen deserts like gelato, sorbet among others. If you have a craving for different types of icy deserts, why not part with a little more cash and buy a machine that produces all your favorite icy deserts much to your delight.

Last but not least, ice cream machines vary in capacities ranging from 1 quart to 6 quarts. Select the suitable capacity according to the amount of ice cream you intend to produce for a particular occasion, whether it is preparing ice cream for your immediate family on holidays and weekends or making dessert for a carnival.

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June 12th, 2013 at 11:15 am

Enjoy the Outdoors with an Outdoor Sofa

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Sofa sets are not only great for sitting and relaxing, they also add beauty in the home.  Indeed anytime a guest walks over the patio, they are bound to notice the outdoor sofa because it creates the ambiance of the patio. Most people choose their sofa depending on their personal taste and preference. It is important to choose a sofa that matches with your personality in order to enjoy the outdoors better. People choose to relax on their outdoor furniture than inside the house because of the cooling and calming effect that nature has on a person.

A feel of the sun or the brushing of the breeze on your skin will allow you to forget your present circumstances and just enjoy life. You can also enjoy the chirping of the birds and the smell of different flowers and after a while enjoy the sunset. There are people who love lying on the outdoor sofa because it allows them to come up with great ideas for a project, a book or work. Some people love setting meetings with guests on the patio because of this. Nature has the ability to soothe the mind and allow people to discover new things about themselves.

The outdoor sofa also allows you to improve the appearance of your backyard. If your patio looks plain and simple, you should consider having this sofa. You have the ability to choose the bright colors and attractive patterns depending on the mood of the patio. Most people prefer choosing colors and designs that match with the patio so that the sofa does not look out of place. There are those who decide to go with a particular theme such as traditional and classy look or modern English, Victorian or European style. You have the ability to mix and match these themes to make the outdoor look stylish and exotic at the same time.

If you are planning a pool party or want to celebrate a special occasion at the backyard, you will not need to worry about the seating arrangement. The outdoor sofa can also be used during these parties and also allow the family to dine out during the weekends or summer evenings. Nowadays, outdoor sofas come with heaters or coolers that are built in them to regulate the temperature of the atmosphere. No matter the weather conditions, you can be sure that you and your guests will have a great time.

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May 3rd, 2013 at 6:46 am

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Tons of Great Ways SEO Companies can get you Back-links – Lots of them for free!

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This post will serve you in two ways. It will go over some of the basic understanding necessary to build a successful back-link strategy, and it will cover how SEO companies can work towards getting you some natural back-links / inbound links!

Firstly, what is a back-link? It is any SEO Companies and Back-linkslink that points from an external website, directly to your site. Unfortunately, not all back-links are created equal. While the general principle ‘the more the merrier’ does apply here, it only works if the links are quality back-links. Quality links are from a reputable source and a website that is related to yours. There is no point linking back from a website that is unrelated because people will not follow it and search engines will mark you as spam. The more popular your site is via these links, the higher you will rank.

Page ranks work on a scale from 0-10. Google has a page rank of 10, and new sites have a page rank of 0. Most blog sites rank around a 1-3 range. Lots of great back-links can increase your visibility on the web and thus, increase your search engine ranking.

So without further ado, below are some quick, cheap and often free ways to build back-links.

  • Twitter. With your tweets, include a back-link. Try doing something like this – “looking to find out more about juicing? Secrets revealed here…” and include a link. Something that gets readers interested so they will click on it. Twitter is indexed by Google so this will show up in search engines.
  • Facebook. It’s the same principle as Twitter – include links in your status updates but do not include the whole article, just part of it with the link.
  • Talk to people on these sites. Start a conversation with someone who has a lot of followers in your industry on Twitter. People love to talk about themselves, so if you let them do it on a public forum, they will go on and on. This will bring publicity to you and them, so it’s a win win!
  • Article marketing. This is a huge strategy and revolves around you writing quality content and submitting it to article directories. Make sure the content is well written and relevant with a keyword density of around 1-3%.
  • Blogging. Create your own blog and use it to link back to your site.
  • Reciprocal linking – be careful with this. It works to an extent and only with certain sites.

There are plenty of other ways SEO companies can help you get back-links. Start with these and you will likely see a positive difference in your search engine ranking. Once you’ve mastered them, try out some others!

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April 30th, 2013 at 1:29 pm

Significance of Greek Graduation Stoles

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Greek graduation stoles have become favorites for a big number of students graduating in many colleges. They are usually worn during graduation ceremonies and are meant to be worn over the gown or over the shoulders. You are advised to wear them carefully to avoid the likelihood of falling over and hurting yourself. Since they are graduation stoles, they should have a special meaning no matter the graduation and how they are made.

Your school might require you to wear Greek graduation stoles which like other types of graduation stoles can easily be purchased from stores within or around the school or online. If you wish to rent a cap, gown and stole, you can still get them from these places. Greek stoles are ideal when you have sororities or fraternities where you are required to wear matching items in which case you can pick the school’s color theme.

Greek graduation stoles are also ideal if there is a requirement to match themes either ethnically or culturally. In this case, there may be a specific requirement concerning what you should wear. You can also wear this stole as a stole of gratitude. It is a way you can use to show your appreciation for those who have stood with you one way or another so that you can make it through college. You can wear this at a commencement ceremony and you have the option of returning it once the ceremony is over. The stole can also be worn by other people such as parents and relatives.

In the modern setting, Greek graduation stoles have become available as customized items. These can be made from a variety of colors as well as fabrics and, at times, even trims. Most of the times, Greek stoles will have the name of the school printed or embroidered on them. They may also have the graduating class as well as the name of the school or college. All this can include some letters that are written in Greek.

It is not strange as well for Greek graduation stoles to have flags from a variety of cultures. They can also have culturally oriented patterns in addition to designs. At times, the school can choose to order these Greek stoles in bulk due to the fact that it will definitely get to enjoy great discounts depending on the size of the order.

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April 12th, 2013 at 1:25 pm

Top Benefits of the Predictive Dialer System

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Telemarketing has been touted as one of the most aggressive ways of creating awareness. It involves calling people whom you think would be interested in what you have to offer. To do this successfully, you need to have a calling list ready. If you are using a normal telephone system, you might end up wasting too much time. Rather than having to go through all that trouble, you can bank on a predictive dialer system. This is a marketing tool used by marketers where live calls are routed to sales agents rather than them having to wait for the same to go through.

The predictive dialer system consists of software capable of dialing, picking a live call then predicting when the person responsible becomes available. Say you have five telesales agents at a call center and all of them on phone. The dialer will automatically send calls to each of them at specific intervals depending on the average length each takes to start and end conversations. This way, sales staffs are fully utilized. They don’t have to make any calls at all; the system does this for them. There is always a possibility of hitting a dead end on some calls. Predictive dialers iron out such by ensuring only those that agents only get those calls that have gone through.

The principal objective of a predictive dialer system lies in connecting sales personnel with live calls every time they hang up the current one. This translates to little or no idle time for the entire period of the sales campaign. Here are three main benefits:

• Saves time: Through a set of rules in the software, the predictive dialer system can accurately predict when your sales person will end his call. At the same time, the system automatically dials another number while the one in the queue is picked up. If the targeted prospect fails to pick up, the dialer cancels this call and proceeds to another.

• Control on leads: Where a number is called and an agent closes a sale, he/she can log this information in the system. Once a number is flagged the predictive dialer system cannot call it again until contrary instructions are issued.

• Client updates: Every time a sales agent speaks with a prospect, he/she will take down some notes. Should the client request to be called later, the system will do so while displaying details of what was discussed.

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February 26th, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Remote PC Access: An Overview

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When we talk about remote pc access, we refer to software that is available in the market that allows you to operate one PC from another PC that is not located at the same place.  This is commonly known as remote administration and come with various features and abilities.  With some, you may be able to access a desktop that is already running and with others, you may not.  Some of them allow you to control the screen while the other person can see the moves you are making, while others will blank the screen when one is remotely accessing the computer.

In order to remotely access someone else’s computer you will need to have an internet connection on both computers and install software that makes the connection possible.  This has come in really handy for companies that have a large workforce working on a PC such as call centers.  The help desk is able to simply log onto someone’s computer and troubleshoot to solve his or her problems.  Remote PC access software comes on various platforms.  Some are open source, others are free, and others are 3rd and 1st party and can be used on Linux, Windows, UNIX and Mac OS X.

Remote PC access works by having the remote computer display a copy of the host computer’s display screen on its own screen.  The picture displayed here is then updated on a timed schedule.  The remote computer then takes control of the keyboard and mouse of the host computer using the software and the actions that are carried out on the remote computer’s screen behave as if they were being carried out on the host computer directly.  If you want to make sure that others do not view or interfere with what you are doing, you can simply disable local display on the host computer’s side.  This will blank the screen on the other end.

Remote PC access can be used in various ways when it comes to remote administration.  In settings where people use information that is stored in a central computer, all the company needs to do is ensure that each person has a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse, and they can then remotely access the central computer from their workstations.  The function, speed and quality of such software will depend on how efficient the remote display protocol is among other things.  This is useful software for modern times.

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February 25th, 2013 at 6:05 am

How to Check Duplicate Contents?

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Once upon a time, a web host only used to provide server space. These days however, webhosts do much more than that. Webhosts provide integrated solutions that let you purchase or register a domain name, provide server space and even provide you with professional site design. Even if you do not want to pay for professional site design, web hosts provide you with templates, which you can choose from to setup a basic website by yourself.

Once you have done this, you need to start adding content to your site. This is where search engine optimization becomes important. The way you structure the information in your site affects the way search engines rank it. With professional web developers and content writers, you can be assured that your site contains original content that is properly optimized for search engines and is useful to your users so that they keep coming back to your site. Some other, less professional agencies plagiarize content from other sources in the hope that the search engines will rank their pages higher on account of having more number of keywords. However, this is not the case anymore. Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and improving to make sure that original content gets promoted. They also penalize pages that do not host content plagiarized from elsewhere.

The same is true for poorly constructed websites that previously increased their page rank by hosting multiple pages containing the same or similar content, thus increasing keyword frequency. Search engines today detect this sort of structuring and penalize the page ranks of such sites.

Search engines, like Google’s, have to deal with scenarios where they find the same content hosted at two or more different websites. Clearly, only one of them can possibly be hosting original content. The others must have necessarily copied or plagiarized from the original source. However, the conundrum that search engines grapple with is deciding which of the two sites was the original source of information. The original source of the information must be promoted in page rank, while the others, punished. There are a couple of tools available online to help diagnose whether your content has been plagiarized elsewhere: Google Webmaster Tools and 

The way search engines work is by employing programs known as web crawlers that read information available on nearly every site on the internet, referencing this data against that already available in their databases. Using complex algorithms and overall relevance and reputation of your site, they classify a web page as being original or as spam. Based on the web pages in the site, they then proceed to classify whole websites as spam. Even if your website is free of spam content, if it contains enough keywords in common with content hosted on spam websites, your site will be marked as spam as well, diminishing your page rank.

Many sites resort to scraping content from other websites in order to increase their relevance rating by increasing the keywords on a particular topic. The unfortunate truth about scraped content is that larger sites, when they scrape information from smaller sites, end up having their page rank advance. However, on account of being established and large, search engines mark them as the original source, and mark the smaller site that the content actually originated from as spam. Search engine companies work hard to avoid such scenarios.

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